Sites I have Built

How It Works
The cost for me to do this is only $50 for
the first page, $25 each additional page
(Example: This site has 5 pages, Home Page, How It Works Page,
Cost Page, Sites I Have Built Page & Get Started Page.)

Maintenance is:
$120 for 1 year ($10 a month)
$228 for 2 years (5% off)
$324 for 3 years (10% off)
$408 for 4 years (15% off)
$480 for 5 years (20% off ... basically 1 year free!!!)
which includes unlimited updates/changes.

You can also get a domain name for about $18 a year.
(ex. www.YourWebsite.com instead of
I can do a tinyurl address for you...
for FREE!

Cashapp, Paypal, Venmo, Zelle or Cash accepted.
(NOTE: Paypal fees do apply.)

Maintenance payments are due 1 month before your year expires.
Any payment not received by your expiration date
will result in your site being removed from the web!

* * * SPECIAL * * *
FREE 1 page website.
No maintenance fee, No monthly fee, No hidden fees.
(Additional pages and maintenance available-fees above).

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